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Young Onset, Levels 1 & 2

Unless indicated otherwise, all classes are 1 Hour


10:30AM  Dance- Zoom (virtual class)

12:15PM  30 Minute Power Punch- Zoom (virtual class)

12:15PM  Boxing- Steps Fitness Nashville (In-person class)



11:15AM  Boxing- Franklin Gym (In-person class) & Zoom (virtual class)

12:45PM  Boxing- Franklin Gym (In-person class) 

6:15PM  Boxing- Franklin Gym (In-person class)



10:30AM  Dance- Zoom (virtual class)

12:00PM  Boxing- Franklin Gym (In-person class)

12:30PM  Chair Yoga- Zoom (virtual class)



10:00AM  Tai chi- Zoom (virtual class)

11:15AM  Boxing- Steps Fitness Nashville (In-person class) & Zoom (virtual class)

6:15PM  Boxing- Franklin Gym (In-person class)



10:30AM  Simple Strength- Zoom (virtual class)

11:15AM  Boxing- Franklin Gym(In-person class)

12:45PM  Boxing- Franklin Gym(In-person class)



9:15AM  30 Minute Power Punch- Zoom (virtual class)


* = extra fee

Please use caution when doing these exercises. Make sure your surroundings are safe, and always check with your doctor before beginning a new exercise program!

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