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Call On The Fighter 2024 Challenge!

Together we can make it the best year yet fighting Parkinson’s

Greeting Fighters and Care-partners!

After a snowy start to 2024, I think we are officially ready to begin the year! YAY!!

This past week, many of you participated in our “live” virtual classes, facebook classes or you created an account on the site to access videos and educational resources at your convenience. I’m so  proud of you!! Thank you!

It is an honor and a privilege to “fight back” with you day after day, week after week.  You show up, glove up and DON’T give up! You  are truly inspirational! AND...we’re not going to let you stop!

If you know me well at all, then you know I am constantly, and lovingly, encouraging you to give your best fight, remain focused and look impossibilities in the eye and “wink”.  

This year is no different!  

Challenge #1- Take advantage of the Bridges For Parkinson’s resources!

  • 14 in-person classes at two gyms! You can attend one or both!

  • 12 “live” ZOOM classes (Tai Chi, Rock Steady, Dance, Stretch, Strength)

  • Library of exercise and educational videos on 

  • Theresa- body work therapist on Tuesdays at Franklin

  • Dr. Caitlin Bender, Occupational Therapy

  • Cindy Nyquist- Physical Therapy Assistant,  (Speciality in spines) and certified Athletic Trainer (highly specialized certification)

  • Dr. Megan Kelley- neuro-physical therapy with a speciality in Parkinson’s and vestibular issues

  • Michelle Bouve- Personal trainer : many of our fighters need 1:1 attention while recovering from surgery or a fall. Michelle works with fighters short and long term

  • Care-partner in-person support group- meets 4th Monday of each month

  • Online Personal Training provided by Michelle and Betsy

  • Colleen Bridges! I’m here to answer questions, create individual programs when you are dealing with an injury, modify exercises during class and definitely to love on you!

The important point  to remember is that we address the WHOLE BODY not just Parkinson’s!

If you have a knee/back/shoulder/neck etc injury or pain…PLEASE TELL US BECAUSE WE CAN HELP!!

Challenge #2- Commit to exercising 6 days a week for one hour each day! You heard me right! 6 days a week!

In my end-of-the-year report I told you that a fighter went to see his doctor in December and the doctor said “your PD is under control and the slowest progression I have EVER seen!”  You know why??

Because the fighter exercises 6 days a week, one hour each day! He takes Laura’s on-line dance or Tai Chi class THEN  goes to the gym and takes my Rock Steady class! EUREKA! It works!  He still has time to play with his grandchildren, do his favorite hobby-landscape photography and so much more!

Now, I know life doesn’t always allow us to exercise for an hour 6 days a week. On days like that, I want you to commit to 15 minutes! 

You can do :


        “T” arms/tap one foot back


        Jumping jacks

        Boxing combos

        Walk in place-jog in place-Seb speed jog 

       The list goes on! 

And I’m happy to make you a 15 minute routine based on your needs

This may seem daunting so… start with one week. Finish the first week then aim to do the same the next week. Just one bite at a time!  My team and I are here cheering you on and excited to hear the results of your year!

Challenge #3- Commit to taking medication on time, every time with a FULL glass of water!

REMINDER: Take medication either 30 minutes BEFORE or 60 minutes AFTER you eat!

Challenge #4- Commit to eating foods that support a healthy digestive system!

Challenge #5- Commit to keeping a weekly journal!  That’s right, weekly!  Note your accomplishments, challenges, concerns , how you felt or insights you may have had.  Then, at the end of the year, look back and you will see a CHAMPION! 

Challenge #6- Set a goal and go for it! Maybe you have been thinking about learning how to paint, or want to relearn how to play your band instrument, travel, volunteer, participate in a 5k or hike our beautiful Tennessee trails…Whatever it is, go for it! Our exercises mirror the movements you want and need to be able to do every day! So you are ready to go ! 


I believe 2024 will be the best year ever! And together, we fight back stronger! 

So, let’s not wait another minute!  Call on your inner fighter and let’s get started!

In Your Corner,


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