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The Benefits of Having a Care Manager!

Bridges for Parkinson's welcomes Guest Blogger:
Donna Cella, RN, MMHC, BCPA, Founder of ElderCARE, LLC, Board Certified Patient Advocate

We [ElderCARE, LLC] recently received a call from a daughter who was working full time and trying to manage the care of her aging parents. She never really felt like she had a handle on their health care or was confident that each decision was the best: There simply were too many choices, too many appointments and never

enough time in the day. She was always exhausted and running from appointment to appointment, all while trying to be a mom to her high school children.

Fragmented care with multiple providers, medication changes, and poor communication between providers, patient, and caregivers is very common. How do caregivers know what agencies to use, what does “rehab” at a skilled nursing facility mean and what are the rules for what services assisted living

can provide? All fantastic questions and may require an experienced care manager to help navigate.

Having a care manager is like having a GPS to help individuals and families navigate the potholes and roadblocks by creating a plan. At ElderCARE, we believe the plan begins with the question “What matters most?” By understanding and listening to our clients and families, we can begin to formulate a plan that aligns with their personal goals and values, while taking into consideration the financial implications and leveraging their health care benefits including long term care insurance. We are unbiased professionals that know the services available and the questions to ask when transitioning from the hospital, utilizing community services, and partnering with health care providers in our

community. We are nurses, social workers, physical and occupational therapists that care deeply about decreasing the stress of caregiving for our families and clients.

We were able to help the daughter by having a healthcare provider come to their home, coordinate care with a private duty agency, and arrange for their medications to be delivered. The daughter is now able to be their daughter and not just their caregiver and is grateful to have a plan in place.

So what are the benefits of working with a Care Manager?

  1. Having a comprehensive assessment of an individual needs and identification of what matters most.

  2. Ability to create a personalized care plan that incorporates individual’s goals, values, and preferences.

  3. Provide expert guidance, education, advocacy, and coordination of services.

  4. Be available for crisis management and assistance during emergencies.

  5. Provide emotional support for the individual and family members.

We at ElderCARE, LLC would love the opportunity to provide a free consultation for our services – simply call 629-255-8326

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