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"Call on the Fighter" and the newly released song

"You Are Not Alone" Watch the videos now!


**Newly Released**

Connect. Engage. Discover.

Our mission at Bridges for Parkinson's is to connect people living with Parkinson's Disease to a community that engages them in a specialized fitness program that helps them rediscover hope and joy.



“This is truly life changing for Parkies! I can do things I never thought I'd be able to do again. Instructors are totally committed to us and care so much about how we're doing. It's different every class and it's tough to get through but fun at the same time. So great to get to know other people with Parkinson's and watch them improve too. Just a fabulous program. You can feel the love. There's no judgement or expectations. There's just encouragement, concern, compassion, caring, and fun! Has really helped balance, posture, endurance, decreased pain, so many things. Check it out!"

New Videos

Let's keep moving and work on overall health and wellness with a challenge you can do at home by choosing from over 100 videos in our library. 

Whether it's boxing, tai chi, dance or simple tips and tricks, our team will empower you to make the right class choices for you and your body. Get ready to transform your body and your life so you can live with more ease and joy. 

New Educational Articles

Physical Therapists,  Occupational Therapists and our very own 2020 MedFit Professional of the year! 

Gain knowledge from our highly qualified staff

Medical & Fitness Professionals

This members only portal includes over 100 videos from Parkinson's Disease specialists. Our classes for coaches provide tips, inspiration for lesson planning, anatomical and business knowledge, and more!

Let Bridges For Parkinson's guide you on your journey to continue your Parkinson's Disease education!